CAN-BUS Truck Simulator

jeroen-van-der-veldenJeroen van der Velden wrote 10/31/2015 at 09:24 • 1 min read • Like

My project is about a Truck Simulator with a real Scania 144 (4-series) Dashboard and Steer sponsored by Vostruckparts Hedel The Netherlands.

This project is started by Leon Bataille (inspired by Silas Parker) when he found a way to use VW Can-Bus equipment on a Truck Simulator with a Can-Bus shield and Arduino board. I joined the project because I strongly believe that end-users like to use old easy access parts of modern vehicles to build a simulator.

Me myself haven’t driven a truck in years but I used to be a trucker in the past. Today I`m doing tech support for home automations systems and in the past I used to do Flight Simulators with real airplane hardware. Back in the days when I worked on plane simulators, I realized that the equipment was hard to get and way too expensive to build home simulator for end-users. Now that people like Leon and Silas Parker paved the way to access cheap simulator hardware, I strongly believe there is a future for this purpose. Can-bus hardware is cheap and easy to get and replace and the opportunities are endless! Let’s rock the world of simulators together and take a huge step into the future!