Gas strut test

mjnurneyMjnurney wrote 08/02/2022 at 19:26 • 2 min read • Like

i mentioned something about adding gas struts to my A Pet cases and it’s snowballed somewhat…sometimes I should keep quiet I think.

so I’ve been playing with 50mn struts at various heights and angles l with mixed results. Strangely my case is about as heavy as the Commodore one and tips back just like the original. I don’t like that so I thing struts are the way to go as that will prevent that failing. And provide sone help when lifting the lid. It’s kind of cool too.

so far I tested 100mn and they try to bent the case, 50mn hardly provide any lift but 80mn seem to be about right…

50, 80 and 100 nm gas struts being tested on the A-Pet PC version.

I’ll link a YouTube video in a moment…

A Pet PC version. Trying gas struts …. Not sure if I’ll achieve smooth closing…