Question About Adhesives

Daniel Grace wrote 08/05/2022 at 15:56 -1 point

I am evaluating the practicality of a product that is (for purposes of our discussion here) an aluminum plate with a magnetic sheet applied to it with an adhesive. The aluminum plate will fluctuate in temperature between room temperature and around 110C, and possibly stay at 110C for hours at a time.

The established standard in this space is this product from McMaster-Carr:

The first thing of note is that we are technically breaking spec for maximum temperature, but I am temporarily ignoring that because this is an established standard and apparently works just fine. (I do plan on tackling this later, but ignoring it for the purposes of this question.)

Second thing of note is that that adhesive is listed as "Acrylic." No more info given.

Now, I want to buy a larger sheet. Around 2 foot by 5 foot. Those are only available from McMaster-Carr in their Rubber adhesive. No more info given.

My basic research on the Internet suggests that, generally, Acrylic adhesives are better at temperature fluctuations and adhering to metals. Both properties I want, but how much better?

I attempted to email McMaster-Carr, but they essentially said the specific adhesives are proprietary to their vendor, and they don't have any information past "Acrylic is better for heat fluctuation and metal." Things I already knew.

I am hoping that some adhesive expert out there can tell me if Rubber adhesive is likely to be just fine, or is likely to be out of the question. I CAN buy the sheets without adhesive and apply an adhesive of my choosing instead, but that adds a lot of process and might make the entire product a non-starter.