Reasonably-priced submersible water pressure sensor?

Tom wrote 08/18/2022 at 14:38 -1 point

Can someone suggest a reasonably-priced submersible water pressure sensor?  It needs to be able to measure up to 3.5 bar (can be higher than this).  Ideally it would have at least a 35m cable, though I can make a waterproof join if need be.  It needs to be food-safe.

I'm trying to measure the amount of water in my well.  The pump is installed 35m below the surface.  From the few measurements I've taken, the "normal" water level seems to be 20m below the surface but I don't really have a good idea of how much that changes with seasons, rainfall, water extraction etc.  By far the most straightforward way would be a submersible 4-20mA pressure sensor, an I2C 4-20mA interface and an ESP32.  But submersible pressure sensors with a 3.5bar range appear to start at around £350.