Keyboard Controller with Joystick for MSX

danjovicdanjovic wrote 11/19/2022 at 10:49 • 2 min read • Like

I have built the Atari 2600 controller keyboard DIY to develop an adapter and write a driver for MSX. The adapter aimed for simplicity but it does not provide any detection feature, requiring the user to without an action, either pressing a key or move the joystick to any direction, depending upon the peripheral connected on the joystick port.

If I give up the simplicity and add an Integrated Circuit and a bunch of diodes it is possible, though, to build an adapter that can support both the keyboard controller and a single button joystick, connected at the same time, using basically the same driver. And there's more: the joystick can still be read by Basic.

here's the circuit:

The rows of the keyboard connected at X2 are selected by the pins PULSE (8) and TRIGGER_B(7) (which is bidirectional). The default state of these pins are PULSE->0 and TRIGGER_B->1 which selects the common line of the joystick, thus allowing the single button joystick connected to X3 to be read using BASIC.

Detection is possible by Selecting the third keyboard ROW, then diode D5 will bring down the level on the TRIGGER_A line. The other keyboard rows will keep this line high.