MEMTYPE testing

AlexAlex wrote 01/24/2016 at 20:54 • 1 min read • Like

First test - 2016-01-24

Today I plugged my #Memtype into my PC for the first time. Here I will write some words about the first impressions/ideas. This page will get updated when i am doing further tests.

Positive Thinks:

Negative Things

Ideas for Improvements ( all meant constructive and not negative)

So far to my first impression of Memetype. the next thing I will do is testing the mttoll software. And store some real data on it.



Noel Carriqui wrote 01/24/2016 at 21:29 point

Yeah, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about the #MemType :) 

Me and Miguel Angel will be checking your updates :)

About your positive thinks: 

Thanks! :)

About the negative thing: 

We'll try to reproduce it too, it's possible the BSOD was caused by the #MemType. We'll investigate it and try guessing the cause for fixing it :)

About the ideas for improvements:

They're so good that they're all already implemented! you can check it on the github :)

We found a tiny case that we could use with the help of another user that commented a link to us. So we bought some units, got the CAD files from the producer and used it to make an adapted version of the PCB. We've also included a proper USB connector and a couple of leds (a red and a green one).

You're right about the footprint of the AtTiny haha we realized it when soldering the first units, on the new revision of the PCB it has been solved.

The encapsulation of the attiny has changed and also the joystick as we needed to be more compact to fit into the case.

The behavior of the leds is still not decided so ideas and suggestions are welcome :)

Again thanks for helping us improve it!

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