Big Robot Platform - Need Suggestions - LIDAR, Thermal Camera, Treads, Motors, Batteries Weight >300Kg

ZaidPirwani wrote 04/12/2016 at 10:01 0 points

So I am working on a project funded by my university to make an autonomous/manual fire fighting robot (actual size), equipped with all sorts of neat things.


Thermal Camera,

Arm Gripper to Hold a Fire Snorkle/Nozzle,

Tank Treads for moving on about all sorts of urban off road terrain.

It has to do obstacle avoidance, somewhat mapping of the area, Wireless Control/Monitoring and such.

I have seen similar bots online, all are huge and heavy, 200Kg or more, some even 700Kg, my university will be funding me for this for maybe something around a big 300Kg robot.

I have no idea of motor and battery selection for such a robot, looking at 2hour or more battery life.

Any ideas people.??? THANKS.