Help with ILI9340 display

deʃhipu wrote 05/08/2016 at 12:04 1 point

I'm on my wit's end, so I thought maybe I will ask for help here. I'm trying to get to work an ILI9340-based LCD display. One of the cheap ones, not the ones from Adafruit. It looks like this:

I tried to use both the ILI9340 and ILI9341 Adafruit libraries both with 5V and 3.3V Pro Minis, both in hardware SPI and software modes. I tried the Adafruit Python ILI9341  library with the Raspberry Pi. I tried to swap the SPI pins, in case they are mislabeled on the display. I've even broken out my logic analyzer and tried to look at the traffic. All for nothing.

The display just shows a white screen, with some slight brightness changes while the "graphicstest" example runs.

Here's the photo of my connections:

LCD    Pro Mini



CS -- 10

RESET -- 8

DC/RS -- 9

SDI/MOSI -- 11

SCK -- 13

LED -- VCC with resistor

SDO/MISO -- 12

Has anybody gotten such a display to work? What's the trick? I have two of them, from different vendors, so the probability of them being broken seems low. I must be doing something wrong...