Looking for inline GFCI module

Peter Walsh wrote 06/03/2023 at 02:11 -2 points

I'm putting together a power supply "board" for dangerous projects, such as those that use 120 VAC. I'm literally planning to have a wooden board with an ATX power supply mounted and the voltages brought out to a banana plug jumper board, two duplex 120V outlets, two SSR units that can disconnect the power almost instantly, an E-Stop switch in the most convenient location, and an onboard arduino that can monitor external things and control the SSRs if any external (to the board) device detects a fault.

The board is to be used for prototyping experiments. After the experiment is done and disassembled, the board stays intact and is used in the next experiment.

I'd like to have a GFCI in the circuit somewhere, but can't find anything that's both inline and cheap. Obviously I could run the input through a GFCI outlet, or I could plug the board itself into a GFCI outlet or GFCI extension cord. Or mount a GFCI breaker on the board.

I'm basically looking for a GFCI box with connectors on each end that would go inline on the board itself, probably with a TEST and RESET switch and maybe an LED power indicator.

The cheapest one on DigiKey (that I could find) is $150, which doesn't track with an inline extension cord ($20) or a duplex outlet ($10), so I must be missing something.

Where can I find an inline GFCI module for prototyping? Is there a special search term I'm missing?