Lighting Controller v4 Part 3

joshua-beckJoshua Beck wrote 06/12/2023 at 05:57 • 4 min read • Like

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Following the previous part I've decided I need a case.

I've done a bit of 3D design before in Blender and a few others.

But I'd prefer to use OpenSCAD, because it turns the job from a design task to a programming task, which matches my skillset a bit better!

So I used the same VSCode project to create a project box in OpenSCAD, thanks to Antyos's excellent VSCode plugin.

I made it so all the port locations and sizes have variables that can be easily adjusted in case the first print puts them in the wrong place.

You can take a look at my code on GitHub if you'd like.

I also made a variable to show the case and lid so they can be viewed together when designing but separated later to export them as separate 3D objects.

There's also space for a lithium rechargeable below the PCB. 

Like this basically.

So this is definitely something that's going to work first time right?


There's some nasty warping on that corner.

Is it because it printed directly on the bed?

Maybe I can just rotate it and add some autosupp...

You've got to be kidding me!

The supports are all there but this thing I was trying to print is not!

That's the last time I use the printer manufacturer's software to do auto-supports.

I redid it with Lychee slicer.

Well... the internal dimensions are good so that'll have to do for now.

That corner is turning out to be a real problem. I'll have to give the tray a good clean later.

Pretty tight, but the board fits!

I also printed the lid in translucent green.

Note that it has a cutaway so the sixteen light connectors are accessible from the top.

Since I wasted so much time on 3d printing (and half a dozen other active projects) I haven't made much progress on the software so far, but stay tuned for more!

In the meantime, the v3 light controller will have to continue their work.

I don't think I've shown them before (I made them before my project documentation began) but here they are in all their perfboard glory:

Stay tuned for more!