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davedarkodavedarko wrote 09/23/2016 at 20:06 • 3 min read • Like

While working long hours wishing for some time to tinker again, I was shopping a lot of stuff the last two or three months. So once again I will compile a list of projects I might tackle in the future. This list is also for me because I forget things I have.

MQTT stuff

First up is the world clock with plenty of 1602 Displays I've ordered recently. Then there is this 5m red LED strip that I plan to control via a 'redAlert' command over MQTT. A wheather station would be nice too and some logging on the PI, although I'm still skeptical on logging stuff on the same SD card where the OS is. With the 4 relay module from eBay I want to see if I can hook it up to an ESP8266 despite the relais being 5V, probably yes.

Raspberry PI media recorder / alexa

4 USB microphones and 4 USB soundcards were supposed to help me get alexa running on a PI zero or record 4 input lines simultaneously with the help of JACK (I've done that before with linux)

Raspberry PI zero handheld

Most of the time when I think of what I would have wanted to do with my Game Boy, this Idea pops up, where I use it as a remote or surf the Internet - having a cartridge with embedded WIFI in it. This would mean programming something to program the Game Boy / running a client from a ROM that also pulls stuff from the internet etc. Way too complicated, so I will try to hack up a thing similar to Ben Hecks Raspberry PI Zero Portable Computer. Soon my third pi zero will arrive here, so it's time to throw one into something. Some empty Game Boy Advance shells for under 5 Euros found their way to my place, too. Still thinking about the im-me messenger so I have to throw in a radio module at least.

ST-Link stuff

10 of those cheap STM8 boards are already here and I'm waiting for the ST-Link adapter to finally try out @WooDWorkeR s tutorial on them []. Scrolling through my eBay purchases I also found the cheap STM32 boards.

Other stuff

A MAN2A / TIL305 watch comes to mind, a cheap click tracker converted to a frequency counter, a mobile color TV converted to a PI display, arduino VGA ported to ESP8266 (out of skills?), maybe some analog stuff again. Man my lightsaber needs some work too, like most of my projects.

Cons and Faires

MakerFaire Berlin and 33c3 are the next cons I'm planning to visit, sadly no Hackaday super conference this year for me.

Work related

I've designed my biggest board yet recently, basically an Arduino pro micro shield :D but with RJ45 connectors for RFid modules and a display. There are also optocouplers and an ENC28J60 is on there. It's 10x10 cm's, I've cheated with vias to get terminal screws outside of the 8x10cm eagle restriction and overall I'm pretty happy with it.



Dusan Petrovic wrote 09/23/2016 at 20:35 point

Sounds like hacker's winter stores :)

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davedarko wrote 09/23/2016 at 20:42 point

indeed :)

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