Hackaday Projects opens to the public

Mike SzczysMike Szczys wrote 03/08/2014 at 18:40 • 3 min read • Like

Hackaday Projects is opening up to everyone on Monday, March 10th, 2014. Since our soft launch back in January, accounts have been available by invitation only. Thanks to all of the hackers who got in here early, tested out the features, and gave us the feedback we needed to keep making it better!

We aren't done yet. The site is still considered in the alpha stages, but we have had enough time to test the serves and make sure they can handle a much larger amount of activity.

Polish Up Your Profile

With an influx of new visitors I highly encourage you to put the old spit-shine on your profile page. I just did a bunch of work on mine last week so take a look if you need inspiration. I don't particularly care if you use your real name or an alias, but it's really nice to see a picture or avatar to help recognize people as you poke around looking for awesome. I also took advantage of the "Things I've Built" summaries to show off past projects, and this post is the first "page" that I added to my profile. Come on, brag about yourself just a little!

.Stack and .Heap

We just finished preliminary work on "The Stack" which is another tool for getting the word out about... well, about anything you want, really. I made this page as part of my profile and threw it on The Stack so that any Hackaday Projects users could find it. Ask for help, share a trick you just figured out, or promote a page you made calling for more hackers to join in on your project, all is fair game. We're not quite ready with "The Heap" but keep your eye on that nav bar up top because it's coming.


I figure nobody reads this far so it's safe to give you the inside track on some stuff we have planned. In the past we've hosted contests which you entered by emailing links to your entry. This turned into an impossible task for the editors to manage (once you get past about 30-40 entries it's tough to keep track of who's been featured, etc.). We're going to take Hackaday Projects for a test run as a contest hosting platform. The thought is that you will make a project documenting your entry. When the entry is ready you just add a couple of custom tags to it and you're in the running. Watch the front page for the first one which will be announced very soon. We're pretty excited about the prizes for this one... it'll be worth blocking time out of your schedule for a shot at some loot.