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Entry Deadline: 12:00:00am PDT on 4/29/14

Let’s face it… you want an excuse to build something cool. In addition to the notoriety of winning a Hackaday contest, we have a number of very respectable prizes this time around. All you need to do is assemble a team and build something awesome inspired by your favorite Sci-Fi. It must include some type of electronics but the rest is up to your imagination and hacking skills. We’ll be judging on quality of the idea, the build, how well you shared the details along the way, how useful the project is for future hacks (open hardware/open source!), and how well you worked as a team. Pluse you don’t even need to win in order to get something. Everyone who submits an entry which we deem to be “complete” will get a T-shirt. But we know most hackers are in this for the big stuff:

Just for clarity: Most Skulled and Most Followers prizes will go to teams who did not win the Grand or Top prizes.

Winners will be (seemingly arbitrarily) chosen by the Hackaday staff. All judging decisions are final and whining about it is fully expected. Giving prizes out to teams raises some issues so we’ve put together a few packages that each winning team can choose from to suit their needs:


We reserve the right to add more prizes and options to these lists during the contest.

Grand Prize (1 awarded, choose a package):

Top Prize (4 awarded, choose a package):

Most Skulls (5 awarded) and Most Followers (5 awarded)

Choose ONE from List A and TWO from List B:

Official Contest Parameters:

Need some examples to get rolling on this one?

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