Making an automatic fire suppression system?

Ben Delarre wrote 03/14/2014 at 18:24 5 points

I need a fire suppression system for my DIY CNC enclosure. I intend to run long unattended jobs and would like some piece of mind so I need some sort of automatic fail-safe fire suppression system inside the enclosure. There's a few commercial options out there but we're talking 500$+ so a DIY solution is required.

Anyone have any idea about how to go about this?

My current thinking is as follows.

* Buy a CO2 cannister (2lb)
* Hook it up to a braided hose that runs into the case, with a ballcock valve at the cylinder side for manual shutoff.
* Add a toggle valve to the end, something like this :
* Create a little box around the toggle valve that will hold a spring which is compressed by a fusible link.

Then when the temperature reaches the melting point of the fusible link (think 80 degrees celcius?) the link will melt, releasing the spring which toggles the valve to the open state, flooding the interior of the box with CO2 and suppressing any fire.

Obviously I'll need an additional fire alarm hooked up too. Would love to hear your thoughts on this proposed solution as I've never messed around with pressurized gasses before.