Alternative to HT16K33 for a common-anode bi-color matrix?

deʃhipu wrote 03/22/2017 at 19:26 1 point

The bi-color matrices I ordered turned out to be common-anode ones, and not common-cathode as I expected. This means that I can't drive them with the HT16K33 chip as I planned, as it only has 8 cathode pins. I can't even use two such chips to drive the two colors of the matrix, because the anodes are common, so the two chips would fight with each other and possibly burn (unless there is a way to synchronize them that I'm missing). So now I'm looking for an alternative, preferably in a single chip.

I found some examples for using two MAX7219 chips, and switching them on and off very quickly -- but again, the common anode will make the chips fight with each other (they still pull the pins high/low when switched off), so that's not an option.

Another option I found is to use a TLC5940 sink driver, and a separate MIC5891 source driver, but I found it very difficult to fit everything on a 1" PCB. So a single-chip solution would be much preferable. I have trawled the web in search of such a chip, but so far without much success. Is it possible that no such chip exists?