Thoughts on building a CPU

PavelPavel wrote 05/22/2017 at 10:03 • 1 min read • Like

I am fascinated by the idea of building a computer all by myself from elementary parts such as transistors, diodes etc. It seems to be a very complex task, but after seeng other people doing it and accomplishing it, now, perhaps I could also do such thing. I've been reading quite a lot about cpu design and how computers work in general, so now I have some clues as to how CPU building could be accomplished.

Also thinking about how my current project (display) could be incorporated into that still hypothetical CPU -- as this display should have total of 32 bits in registers, these registers can be made part of CPU and their contents will be visible right away in hexadecimal form. Only problem might be to do with different wiring of registers needed in CPU versus the one needed for current project -- I intend to make 16 bit CPU, and so should be its register width, whereas in display these registers need to be 4 bit to store individual hexadecimal digits. I suppose I can figure out how to make this all to work, though it will take some time.