Anyone here with a Dymo Letratag LT-100 label printer?

Martijn wrote 05/27/2017 at 22:30 1 point

I have a broken Dymo Letratag

It was already broken when I received it, and I already did some repairs. But after a couple of attempts I'm starting to think there might be something missing from it. The cutter blade will not retract far enough after cutting, and it blocks the next label being printed. 

Is there anyone who has one of these and is willing to open it up to make some pictures how it's supposed to look on the inside?

I think the exact model is Letratag LT100-H. 

I've written a Page with this question too, you can find it through my profile. There's some extra info and pictures in it.

If it's necessary I can give some extra tips on the best way to get it apart and put it back together.

Thanks, This would help me a lot, I was planning to give this one as a gift to a friend.