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mike-szczysMike Szczys wrote 05/29/2014 at 15:28 • 3 min read • Like

Shirts are now shipping!

We are finally starting to ship the shirts. The United States addresses are being shipped starting today and we'll move onto International shipments as soon as we work our way through those. Oh, and there will be stickers too (of course)!

Actual print example:


Behold, the final design for the Sci-Fi contest shirt... I love it! I'm always looking for T-shirts that I would actually wear in public and this really hits the spot!


6/30/14 - First off, sorry for the lack of updates. Great news, after much head-scratching about how to get the beautiful artwork to look nice on a garment the problem has been solved. CustomInk sent us the test print shown at the top of this page and we may have the shirts delivered as early as July 1st! I will update as soon as we start packaging shipments.

6/9/14 - We put in the order for shirts on 6/4/14. CustomInk is printing them and warned us that the image may not look very good with 4-color printing. We don't want to send out crappy shirts so we've asked for a sample to see what it looks like. Once we've got the quality dialed in the orders will be printed, shipped to us, and then we'll ship them to you. Thanks for your continued patience. This is going to be worth it!

5/29/14 - We are waiting for the stragglers to get their sizes and addresses to us. The cut-off date is 6/2/14 at which point we'll put in a production order. Shipping will most likely not happen until two weeks after that date. Thanks for your continued patience!

Sci-Fi Novel Suggetions:

We asked you to recommend some newer science fiction for our reading list. Here are the responses we've received so far:



davedarko wrote 01/14/2015 at 10:34 point

I'm reading "the martian" by Andy Weir right now, great book! Don't want to give much away of the story, but it is about an astronaut with great hardware hacking skills and humor.

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Mike Szczys wrote 01/14/2015 at 15:11 point

That one's up next for me once I finish Ancillary Justice which is a fantastic novel (so far).

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davedarko wrote 01/14/2015 at 15:17 point

next up is the silo series, because I read of it here :)

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Mike Szczys wrote 01/14/2015 at 15:21 point

Oh, that one was fantastic. I think it was a little slow getting through book 2 but then it picks up all the way to the end. Fun stuff and could also be considered something of a hacker world.

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The Big One wrote 09/22/2014 at 00:13 point
I just finished reading the Silo series... the contest t-shirts were the first I had heard about the series or the author. Very good books, thanks for the suggestion! Highly recommended to other readers.


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Mike Szczys wrote 09/22/2014 at 15:32 point
I'm glad you liked it. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through Desolation Road. It's an interesting one... Bizarre but fun.

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davedarko wrote 05/30/2014 at 09:04 point
it looks great, I like the subtile logo!

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Atheros wrote 05/30/2014 at 06:37 point
I agree, a hackaday logo should be there

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[ E C C 0 ] wrote 05/30/2014 at 06:33 point
The design is fantastic and I love it, but you can't really tell that it's a hackaday t-shirt. Can we just have a big hackaday logo on the back?

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