ESP8266: Differentiate wakeup due to sleep interval or button press

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I have an ESP8266, ESP-12F modules that is in deep sleep mode.

It wakes up every 6 hours to read a humidity sensor, display it on LED and then post to IFTTT. Because it is every 6 hours, it actually wakes up every hour just to check an EEPROM stored counter to see if the 6 hour has elapsed. Otherwise, it will increase or reset the EEPROM counter accordingly. 

I also want the user to press a button to wake up the ESP, read the humidity sensor, display it on the LED and send to IFTTT even if the 6 hours have not elapsed.

Here is the on-going project link:

Is there a way to differentiate wakeup due to sleep interval vs a button press reset? In both cases the reset reason is from ESP is 5. I have used ESP.getResetInfoPtr in this case.

I'm open to both hardware and firmware solutions.

I have also tried to simulate a possible circuit in falstad. But the GPIO12 (which I am trying to read as LOW right after ESP wakes up) does not hold on to the LOW value long enough for me to read it right after wake up.