Mike Szczys, you are on a HackADay Prize commenting rampage.

zakqwy wrote 06/05/2014 at 16:28 1 point

... and that's greatly appreciated by all contestants. Excellent feedback all around.

It seems like there are a lot of questions about fulfilling the 'connectedness' requirement; I know when I started my project soon after the contest began, I didn't give this much thought--in my mind, "It must involve some type of electronics that are connected to something" just meant any sort of circuitry that isn't completely self-contained. To use my project as an example, I'm dealing with the challenge of sending high amperage power through a slip ring that must be compact and low-noise--seems like that's connecting electronics to something, but not in the more traditional data networking sense.

Can you comment on this requirement? Do I (and many others) need to worry about our projects being at a disadvantage compared to IoT entries? I don't want to throw together some unnecessary 'cloud interface' just to fulfill the requirement.