Is there RSS support for a profile's feed?

Austin Spafford wrote 06/06/2014 at 16:093 points

Greetings! I'm looking at as a potential destination in a migration away from Thingiverse. However, I'm failing to find a way to get an RSS feed for

Does anyone know if there's such support?

Additionally, if it's in the works, is it going to be at least obscured by a hash? (eg. youtube's old subscriptions-RSS support where you obtained the URL through your account settings, as compared to Thingiverse's acceptable-but-slightly-creepy naked identifiers)

Thanks! :)


Jasmine wrote 07/07/2014 at 17:29 point
Hello Austin, We are still working on the feed, still got a lot to do. However, if you have any other questions or feedback, best place to add it is on (or click on your avatar, and click on 'Give Feedback' in the dropdown menu). Thanks.

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Mike Szczys wrote 06/07/2014 at 04:43 point
Eren is reworking the Feed (and I'm pretty excited about some of the ideas he came up with). I don't know when this will go live, but I have asked that RSS be included in the design. I know that's not a huge help, but it should be here sooner rather than later.

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