1 Hour Hack: Internal light for Landy

Tron9000Tron9000 wrote 11/06/2017 at 23:20 • 3 min read • Like

i won't lie: the amount of crap that floating around my landrover is shameful at worse. However, something that was flaoting in my passenger footwell got me thinking...

Yep its one of those crappy pound-land (dollar-store for you yanks) LED cabinate lights from a previously failed attempt of having some internal lighting by using the sticky pads that are fitted to them. The ride in the Landrover is not that great, even on a smooth road its bumpy as hell! so they just kept falling don off the sunvisors.

However I have no rear view mirror, no point in fitting one as all I'll see is the scaffolding of the rollcage! There are still the screw holes above the windscreen for a mirror, which are M3 thread.

I took the back off the light and stuck some batteries in to check it worked first, then remove the woefully inadequate adhesive off the back, refitted the back plate and drilled a 3.5mm hole in the back for an M3 screw. This also marked the inside to drill a larger hole for the head of the bolt to fit into, albeit exposing the circuit board inside.

Hardware in place, I then fitted it to the mounting screws in the landrover above the windscreen, then applied some insulation tape of the head of the screw as not to accidentally short out the traces on the PCB:

Then it was just a case of refitting the LED light onto it and testing:

VIOLA! quick tap and light, also not reliant on vehicles battery power, which is sometimes the case when I'm working on the electrical systems.

Took less than an hour and all out of junk parts!