Looking for Machine maintenance company

Peter Walsh wrote 01/07/2018 at 19:53 0 points

I have a client with a prototype device that sits between a machine and its keyboard/monitor, allowing a remote operator to perform maintenance and diagnostics.

(Manufacturing machines, such as injection molding or big CNC machines.)

The use case is for remote service - if a customer calls with a problem, the service person can view the display remotely, simulate local keypresses, and cause the machine to call up its diagnostics menu. The service person might be able to a) fix the problem remotely, without having to travel to the customer site, or b) determine which parts are needed, so that the service person can have those available on his first trip, saving a trip.

We have working prototypes and will be deploying beta test units next month. These require no modifications to the machine, working off of the video stream and KB. They can use the client's internet connection or a cell modem (either will work).

(Some details omitted such as power and security, but you get the idea.)

My client will be using these devices for his installations, and is looking for partners who want to use the devices in their own installed machines for remote service and maintenance.

DM me here on Hackaday.io if interested.

NOTE: Not looking to sell devices (yet), not looking for venture capital, just looking for potential partners.