Hideous self promotion r us

David Preece wrote 08/11/2014 at 20:06 2 points


I'm not very good at this so I have to learn: I'm actually really proud of a project I have entered into (and is entered into the hackaday prize). I want to solve "the privacy problem" by making a bluetooth smart dongle that does the delicate parts of the encryption process - namely the bit involving private keys that can not be taken by hackers no matter what. Obviously this needs to be part of a bigger plan, as it were but I seem to be starting to collect interested parties who can code :) It's not very "make'y" with the plan being to stick more or less as closely as possible to reference designs because the manufacturers know what they're doing and I don't. Actually, this would be a really good place to look for people interested in open source hardware, eh?

Anyway - point is that I made a little "whiteboard" video to try and explain what I'm up to http://0x05ECure.com/. If you can, have a look and tell me what you think. And sign up for updates :) I'm still very flexible about how this will actually pan out.

Oh, and on hackaday here: http://hackaday.io/project/2037-0x05ECure