"Glass Printing" - App design concept of mobile 3D printing whenever, wherever

B.J. MurphyB.J. Murphy wrote 08/24/2014 at 01:54 • 2 min read • Like

I’m not sure if any of the developers using the prototype Google Glass devices have devised this idea yet or not, but it’s been going through my head constantly the last few days. I wish I had one so I can figure out its programming. But the idea is in coupling two of the most revolutionary techs of this decade into a single service: Google Glass and 3D Printing – “Glass Printing”, essentially.

The software would operate as an input/output service, in which you’d use your Google Glass device to take a picture of whatever throughout your day-to-day activities that you’d want a 3D replica of. To do this, the software would require at least 4 photos – one in the front, left side, backside, and right side. You can go higher, however, to increase the efficiency of your replica’s smooth texture. These pictures that you’d send to the app would then be modeled via 3D rendering process.

Once the 3D rendering is complete and you’re satisfied with how it looks, which you can check using your Glass device easily, you then press “Print” and the 3D render will be sent to your 3D printer at home and turn into a physical 3D model, ready for you whenever you come home.

This could come in handy for everyone. It wouldn’t be limited to any single individual’s bias or desires. And once 3D printing tech gets better, and is able to handle larger designs, with a vast array of materials, the possibilities of this coupling of two revolutionary techs would be limitless. Say you loved a specific car’s design that was parked near you – take a few photos and press “Print”. Maybe a sculpture you really liked in a museum? Anything, really! Whatever your heart desires and your Glass device captures.

Glass Printing – mobile 3D printing whenever, wherever.