My programmer [not a shill post]

janJan wrote 05/10/2018 at 08:24 • 2 min read • Like

I used another arduino with the ISP sketch for years to program my stand-alone projects (all Atmegas). I think it's really really great you can do that. This helps the tinkerer a lot making standalone stuff the easy way.
Doing things instead of installing gigabytes of toolchains and other software, yay!

But there was a project involving an SD card which I did not disconnect before uploading a new sketch. The "programmer" uses 5V signals which the SD card didn't like too much (it shares the ICSP port), so I killed the SD that way.

So for my last projects I ordered the Pololu Programmer v2 which has lots of nice features I would miss now if I ever had to go back to the Arduino-as-ISP-way.

Look at these features. It summarises everything it can do:

What I like most:

I fully recommend this programmer. There is a better and cheaper! v2.1 out now it seems. I got the v2 and it does everything I need to do, so nothing to worry about.