Maker Faire Hannover 2018

davedarkodavedarko wrote 09/19/2018 at 15:28 • 1 min read • Like

As usual I tried to make a video and some up a few things I've seen and liked - this time I was also running around with some other known-here people like @bitluni, @Alex , @Clemens Mayer and @Stefan Kremser  

Stefan and I did a little swap of various gaming parts, I spontaneously joined a maker slam to present my #K.I.T.T. - KNIGHT RIDER badge/brooch and there were some other events to watch. The "Hannover Arduino Treffpunkt" is also featured with an improved version of my #RGB 16 Segment LED  

A lot of fun on two days compressed in an 9 minute video with subtitles (which I will never ever do again, but probably should).