Recommendation for hardware options on long-term audio recording and processing

huggybearikf wrote 10/08/2018 at 03:38 2 points

Hi guys! I'm a developer by trade and I'm looking to make a I'm currently building a device that will analyze drill bit efficiency/wear-and-tear via audio and raise a warning when its over a certain threshold, and I'm planning to put the whole thing on a arduino/rasberry pi board. I was hoping to get recommendations on hardware set-up for that will support the recording and later analysis logic. 

I was able to run analysis of the data relatively easily on small segments of recordings that I got via a recorder pen, and am now looking to test and record over a longer term (~1 week). I am looking for a set up to either store large amounts of audio files or set it up to stream/audio files onto cloud storage in the testing phase, and then run the processing/analysis logic in the long-term.  

Any help would be welcome!