Automatic object recognition and automatic scale

Alex wrote 03/07/2019 at 16:22 1 point

I make this question seeking guidance. I want to set up an automatic insect larvae counting system (yes, something unusual), which would then be transferred to a scale. I'm contemplating several options like OpenCV and Machine Learning.

The larvae are difficult to handle: unlike nuts or screws from similar projects, the larvae move, twist, widen or slip through any slit, and often have the habit of not following the marked path. That's why I thought of something different for the count.

One option I'm considering is to have a small conveyor belt from which to "throw" the larvae on a surface. Every time a larva hit the surface, I could record this event as a larva, and thus carry out the count. The problem is that I don't find any precedents for systems of this type (that record an "impact" event as a count), or if they exist, how one could be built.

Thank you for your help and greetings.