What material to use to build rigid shapes

Nikhil wrote 03/17/2019 at 17:42 2 points

Motive: build something stiff, like a box, a PC case or simply a cube. Looking for a material that I can work with at home. Can't use powered tools or 'big' tools, due to space and other constrainsts. So most materials like wood are out.

Tried some MDF sheets. Cutting with paper cutter, which works, but requires too much effort and time with low accuracy. Got a small hacksaw, which is ok to cut parts from a stick, but can't make nice long cuts in a sheet. Plus the MDF I tried were dropped a bit.

What else can I try ? Materials and tools to work with them ? Thick FOAM ? Some sort of cardboard ?


Edit: Saw a video showing that a coping blade/saw can be used to cut quite well. Can also make curves with a very thin blade.

I got great suggestions here. Thanks a lot.