The annoying annoyance of naysayers, critics, vultures, and how to understand computer programming and it's syntax.

Mike Volckmann wrote 03/30/2019 at 21:29 2 points

Any thoughts on when you tell someone your project ideas or just ideas in general and they start taking apart the blueprint piece by piece or start questioning your intelligence. I'm looking for people on here who can relate. I also had a question about the overarching theory of code and how to actually go about understanding code rather then to just copy and paste from websites. Any suggestions or to just start a Do You Really Know What Grinds My Gears thread on here so that people can dump there frustrations somewhere and not have it all explode at the wrong time. Also, thank you to whoever it was that was helping me out with parts because I am on the verge of saving money to buy parts for projects.