Do you need to root the Xiaomi Mi 9?

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root the Xiaomi Mi 9

It has been a long time since this firm China broke into our country, and around the world, offering high-quality smartphones at irresistible prices (at least when it began to become famous because now we see some prices that ... anyway). In any case, since there are many, many, users who have devices of this firm, we want to help you with your root processes, and today we do it by teaching you how to root the Xiaomi Mi 9; he is yours? Stay with us! Do you know anyone else who has this model? Pass this post!

How to make the rooting of the Xiaomi Mi 9?

We will start by saying that to carry out this action we need a computer as well as downloading some files. In addition, you have to prepare the phone.

Root the Xiaomi Mi 9: step by step

  1. Prepare the phone. This includes.
    1. Enable developer options. This is done very simply.
      1. You have to go to the "Settings".
      2. From here, enter the "System" settings.
      3. Go into "About the device".
      4. Press 7 times on "compilation number" or "software version".
    2. Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging.
      1. With the developer options these two new ones will have appeared in the "Settings" menu, with a new tab that is "Additional adjustments" or "Developer options.
      2. Enter each of them and simply enable them.
  2. Download and prepare everything necessary on the computer.
    1. Make a backup of the elements of your phone.
    2. In THIS LINK you can get the MTKRoot application.
    3. Extract your content in a convenient location for you.
    4. Do the installation of adb-driver.msi.
    5. Restart your computer.
    6. Start MTKroot.
    7. Plug your phone into your computer using its USB cable.
    8. In the software window, click on ADB Test. We must receive a "Detected Device".
    9. If not, click on "Restart USB" and try again.
  3. Unlock the smartphone bootloader. Obviously, this is a step that we will only perform if the bootloader is not already unlocked.
    1. In MTKroot, click on "Go to Fast Boot". This way you will get the phone to restart in Fastboot mode.
    2. Click on "Test Fastboot".
    3. Then, in "Release Bootloader".
    4. On the mobile, when a message appears, press the button to increase the volume.
    5. Next, click on "Exit Fastboot", which will cause a reboot and return to Android.
  4. Install Magisk on the smartphone.
    1. We start by looking again at the MTKroot to press, again, "Test ADB".
    2. After that, halo about "Install Magisk".
    3. When the desktop of the phone is modified and the app appears, click on "Go to Fastboot".
    4. The phone will go into Fast Boot mode; it is then when you will have to make selection in the Root mode of MTKroot.
    5. Now click again on "Test Fastboot".
    6. Touch to do it on "root". A confirmation message will be sent to the phone.
    7. Press the "Exit Fastboot".
    8. Open, on the phone, Magisk.
    9. Update it if necessary.
    10. Check that the sentence "Magisk Manager is updated" has a green check.
  5. Flashear TWRP
    1. Restart the smartphone again in Fastboot mode. You can choose to do it with the tool we have been using or by simply pressing the volume and power buttons on the device at the same time.
    2. Press twice in patch.bat.
    3. Now press any key. You will see that the device restarts, this time automatically.
  6. Do not you need to root the Xiaomi Mi 9? Undo it
    1. Make a restart Fastboot mode with MTKroot.
    2. You will find the "Unroot" option; select it
    3. Now click on the "Unroot" button.
    4. Click on "Exit Fastboot".
    5. Wait as the phone restarts your system.
    6. Choose the option "Remove Magisk".

As you can see, although there are many steps, the process is really simple and orderly. Therefore, if you need to root the Xiaomi Mi 9 do not hesitate and try it, we assure you that with our tutorial you do not fail.

Until the next rooteo!