Update the Galaxy S6 to the latest version of Android

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The Galaxy S6 is one of Samsung's most popular terminals. Its design, power and the new functions that it included changed a lot of things in the market. If you have one and want to know how to update the Galaxy S6 to the latest version of Android, read on.

Update the Galaxy S6 with the latest version of Android

Having our device updated is not just a matter of whim, because this way we have the latest functions or certain aesthetic aspects. It is a matter of important security. Therefore, it is not appropriate at all that we let go with the updates of the latest versions of the software compatible with our device that are coming out.

When it comes time to update the Galaxy S6 to the latest version of Android, usually the device itself will let you know. It is usually through a notification. But it may happen that you postpone the update and do not go out again. Or that, for whatever reason, you have not received the notice. We're going to show you what to do in this case.

The first step has to do with discovering what is the current version that we have installed in our S6 or S6 Edge. For this we go to Settings> About the device . In this route you can see a section that highlights 'Android version'.

Prepare to update the Galaxy S6 to the latest version of Android

After having found out what is the current version of Android that we have in our Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, it is time to look for new packages.

In the Software update section , when you click on Update now , the device will look for new updates and it is very likely that we will find them. In doing so, we must simply select the corresponding option to install and wait for the process to finish. It usually takes a bit so do not despair.

It is rare that something happens during the installation, but, just in case, prepare yourself by making a backup of your files, contacts, apps, etc., before starting. You can use Google Drive for this, which is the most comfortable.

What happens if the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 stops receiving support?

If when updating the Galaxy S6 to the latest version of Android you realize that the version is very old and is no longer supported, we advise you to refer to this article on custom ROMs and investigate a bit about them. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge are terminals that are still up to scratch and can hold much more assets. If it is your intention, with a personalized ROM you can give it an extra life.