Can you identify this connector?

morganmorgan wrote 6 days ago • 1 min read • Like

Trying to use the same connector on my project as is common on TTGO boards as I have a lot of them with batteries to match. I've been searching and searching but cannot turn up anything. Looks a lot like Molex 0532610271, or maybe but not quite like a JST SB series, kind of colored like the Amphenol connectors. It's 1mm pitch.

And if you don't know what this is but just love sharing your opinion on the internet, I'd also be interested in hear what other people like in the 1-1.5mm range SMD battery connectors.

1mm mystery connector
1mm mystery connector



morgan wrote 6 days ago point

I was kind of one the fence if I was using the caliper right or otherwise but after remeasuring and taking a nifty picture I'm certain it's 1mm.

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zakqwy wrote 5 days ago point

buy some of the Molex ones and ship em to me, I'll run em thru my washer and dryer. those fuckers shrink everything

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morgan wrote 5 days ago point

I've conceded, I need to get this board out, I switched to the Molex.

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zakqwy wrote 6 days ago point

those are some mean reinforcements! nice connector. looks really close to the Molex one you suggested, are you sure it's not 1.25mm?

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