Perspectives on transition to Bi-Energy scenarios that may include IH-driven "Plan-A".

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Electromagnetic injection of a Heat Charge involves considerations about mass, e.g. the more ferro-magnetic metal there is to get "excited" wirelessly the more power an/or time it takes to reach a target temperature.  By the way, previous simple evaluations refered to this formula below:

...and also a couple on-line "calculators".

The important idea to keep in mind is that i'm sort of gambling on some hypothetical possibility to perform IH-driven powering of a Hybrid Core (or even a pair if using my Near-Symetrical LAVACapsule layout) based on the difference of masses and in relative absence of thermalization, or at least pulse-mode enough to avoid turning capsules into heaters as well.  Actually, looking at preliminary numbers i realize a pair of susceptors don't even represent 2 % of a Full-Length Aluminium LAVACapsule joined by a Bowl Ring which also behaves like a "Flux Concentrator"...  For example:

So it we add together 2 alu. tops + 1 ferro-magnetic Bowl Ring with Outlet ("fumet") Collector holes (+ 1 Containment Jacket with cotton inside) then total (heat-conductive) metal mass amounts to almost a hundred grams...  Take note if it's IH-driven while airflow is made unidirectional then this should result in 2-stage heating similar to the Sublimator of Enrico Bouchard, which has been claimed to generate a fumet composed of thinner microscopic droplets, in turn offering an easier inhalation experience in principle.

A safety (water-toy) buffer would be most desirable in preliminary testing, just to be cautious while exploring Power "Micro-Bursting" that operates on induction.