Getting started with Bluetooth-ing your project

Tron9000Tron9000 wrote 07/26/2019 at 20:15 • 2 min read • Like

Update I wanted to share. I was able to make a simple LED light on and off at the tap of a button on my phone. Not the most ground breaking development, but it though I'd share the information for those looking to start.

I've been following the tutorials here:

and using the MIT AppInventor:

The appInventor is a great introduction to those who are pretty new to app development. The way you upload your apps to your phone is pretty clever too, all you need to the is download the MIT AI2 Companion app and enter a code for your app. It is advised you go through the getting started tutorial first, its quite painless. You will need an andriod phone, sorry iPhone users.

There is code supplied with the instructions on Martyn Currey's website as well as a file you can upload to your AppInvetor account.

You'll have to have a close read of Martyn's explanation of the code in appInventor whilst reading the code in the appInventor in order to expand your understanding what bit is doing what.

Anyway its a good starting point for those looking to get started on bluetooth-ing their project.

Guess the next step is reading values to the phone...