IH-driven Cooktop Coil reshaping...

EgzosetEgzoset wrote 08/02/2019 at 20:37 • 2 min read • Like

Almost 10 years ago i suggested the idea of exploiting such a control board connector as shown below in order to implement some computer interface, which never happened:

Now that i've transitioned to pulse mode gaining control ain't likely to really matter anymore, yet i've got to decide how to turn a flat plannar coil into a cylindrical one...

For example going from this:

[ ]

Google Images:  Portable Induction Cooktop

To this:

[ ]

Google Images:  Flameless Lab Sterilizer

In other words is it even possible to reshape it without changing the apparent inductance seen by my old IH Cooktop, hoping to avoid any need to adjust component values accordingly?  Or would it still work for my purpose if i wind up that coil into a tube and never bother about it:  e.g. won't safety features trip?  And even if they do, can't i just managed to obtain the few seconds necessary for injection of a Heat Charge into my LAVA hybrid Core, or a LAVAGen2 Core for that matter??

Or perhaps just SiC Foam alone:

Lets admit i have more questions than answers to propose at the moment.  Not to mention extra caution is required when dealing with high voltage!