How To Recover Google Account Password If Forgotten?

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People forget things all the time but what happens when they forget their Gmail password? Well, the very first things is that will feel frustrated and irritated because they wouldn’t be able to access their  important files and the second thing could be that won’t be able to access their favorite apps which requires their email address. Forgetting password is as common as recovering them and the best part is that when you lose a Google account password then you can simply recover it without any hassle. To learn more on how to recover a Google account password, read this article further.

How To Recover Google Account Password If Forgotten?

Google account recovery steps:-

·         Firstly, you’ll need to go to the Google account recovery page.

·         Now, enter your username or the Gmail address.

·         Here, you’ll be asked to enter the password that you remembered last.

·         Now, you’ll be taken to the “Account Recovery” page where you can request a 6 digit verification code through your cell phone or an alternative email address linked with your account. The verification code will appear like this G-XXXXXX. One of the other alternatives is that you will also get a notification where you will be asked to verify the confirmation code via your phone. If you are choosing the email alternative then you’ll receive the verification code into your alternative or recovery email address. Click on the link or copy the code and paste it into the required text field.

·         Enter the code in the text field that is visible in the screen.

·         Once you have entered the code, you can now simply change the password by entering a new one.

·         After you have changed the password, sign out from your account.

·         Re-sign into your account with the new password to ensure that it works as expected.