0x02 NTTF - Stargate LED matrices

davedarkodavedarko wrote 01/09/2015 at 15:30 • 3 min read • Like

So today the boards arrived from OSHPark and I will put all the stuff together on sunday and throw it into my toaster oven, hoping for the best! As seen before those boards have quite obvious markings, since the LEDs do lack that - I hope for the best that they are facing the same direction in this strip and I can work with a predefined arrangement. I should pre test the LEDs once they are placed and connected by the paste. Maybe I should even test the toaster oven with some spare parts and protoboard first. Probably best.

So what should I do with the boards, once they are all perfectly fine (fingers crossing)? I though about a wrist watch, since I don't have a space ship that jumps out of stargate stargate range. I'm not even sure about how I would drive them, only that it would take me 18+5 or 15+6 Pins to control 90 LEDs. It's not that different from my #1886. fixietube clock setup.

I also ordered 4 MMR-70 and plan on programming them, but I don't have a 3.3v programmer, so I might move this to some point later. At least one 8-Bit Eduard Anatoljewitsch Chil should come out of this, using only the atmega32 onboard. Thanks to @Dr Salica and his wonderful project #3508. Portable Trollmaster 3000 for the inspiration!

My IKEA expedit 5x5 is currently a mess and I plan on getting some curtains for the lower 3 rows and make the upper ones a display area, showing all my nerdy creations, maybe with on and off switches in the front to turn the projects on and off. There is at least the K.I.T.T. scanner I build years ago, my stargate LEGO diorama needs some LEDs, then there is the doctor who "area" and a star wars section as well. Add some lights and all is set for a while.

With my flatmate moving out I now have a whole room I can use as my work space for soldering and hacking, 3D printing and crafting. So a workbench and a proper power supply setup up will be coming soon. 3 containers with little boxes for small parts arrived 2 weeks ago and I started to throw in all my electronic stuff I have - looking good. The boxes are transparent and I got a matrix of 15x8 out of it - so there is a hacking opportunity for organizing parts (or another watch project - meh). Combine that with voice recognition and finally my questions like "where are those damn arduinos again?" will be answered with a little blinking LED. Would be even better if the boxes were coded somehow, so I can throw them in where I want and it will always find them.