NES Hypershot Controller Pinout

danjovicdanjovic wrote 09/24/2019 at 05:43 • 2 min read • Like

I have acquired recently a Hypershot controller for Famicon model JE506. Such controller comes in a pair and share the DB-15 connector to be attached on expansion port.

Given the state of the buttons I wonder if the previous owners were Wolverine and Sabertooth...

Nevertheless I got some reading on NesDev Wiki that pointed that the Hypershot controllers should be read by the console as single switches instead of a stream of data. Such information were confirmed with a multimeter.

The measurements performed were compared with the information presented on the wiki about the JE506 controller. The results show some difference from the JE506 information presented elsewhere on the wiki, considering the pinout of the expansion port presented elsewhere on the wiki. The Common pins for controllers (Out 1 and Out 2) are exchanged, as well as the JUMP/RUN function for both controllers. 

The result of my measurements is depicted below.