How to Recover Apple ID account

nickjonesleenickjoneslee wrote 10/21/2019 at 12:24 • 2 min read • Like

Every apple device has an account that works as an authentication tool. This apple account has an ID and a password.  If users forget the password of their apple ID then it can create a problem. So apple provides various ways to recover the account. If you want to recover your Apple ID then you can follow the steps given below.

    Go to the Apple account page.

    Select the Forgot password option.

    Enter your Apple ID.

    Select ‘Continue’ to proceed.

    Now the recovery options will appear. You need to select anyone.

    Apple id Recovery can be performed through an alternate email, security questions and through recovery key.

    Select the way you want and click continue.

    If alternate email option is selected for recovery then a link will be sent there.

    Users can open the link and reset the password.

    If the security question option is selected for recovery then users will have to answer two security questions and enter their date of birth. After this, you can create a new password.

    If two-step verification or two-step authentication is enabled on your device then you will get a recovery key on your trusted device.

    Enter the recovery key and set a new password.

    Set a strong password and login again.

This is how you can perform Apple account recovery. For any issue or difficulty contact the Apple customer service center. They will assist you and provide solutions and required details.