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3D printers offer endless possibilities that cater to your printing and customization needs. In the market today, there are a lot of 3D printers from different manufacturers with varying specifications.
The type of 3D printer you choose will depend on your intended use. Various companies go in search of 3D printers to satisfy a growing demand of them from their clientele. The same applies to individuals.

For example, some gamblers are taking their gambling to the next level. They are making use of 3D printers to customize their poker chips and tokens to look like the actual poker chips from PA online casinos. However, these chips can only be used for home use and not in actual casinos.
Before buying a 3D printers, there are a few technicalities you have to consider. 
Let’s delve into specifics.

3D printing is a broad terminology used to refer to printing or the technology used in producing physical materials. The various types of 3D printing machines are but not limited to fused deposition modeling, stereolithography. and selective laser sintering.
All the above are the different technologies used in 3D printing. The type you decide to go with depends on what you want to make or print.

The size of the print bed
3D printers  have the capability to print large amounts of work at the same time. This is particularly important because setting up a print run for is not only tiring but also time consuming. 
Additionally, the size of the print bed you purchase will determine how large your prints will be. 

There are 3D printers in the market that require the user to manually calibrate the bed. By this I mean, a user will put a piece of paper on the bed and use the software installed to move it till it touches the nozzle. This takes roughly 10mins.
On the other hand, there are machines that have automatic calibration. It will spend less time on calibration and is worth the few extra hundred dollars.

Type of filament
Most consumer 3D printers will print PLA and ABS plastics. Depending on the type of plastic your printer works on, you will have to find the suitable environment for it.
For instance, ABS materials are more toxic that PLA and should be placed in well ventilated areas. This is because ABS materials are made from oil while PLA are made from corn starch.
Before purchasing the printer make sure to inquire if it only works with original filaments or you could opt for non-genuine filaments.

The type of software it uses
Unless you are tech savvy, I would suggest going for 3D printers whose software is easy to use. Most of the consumer 3D printers are ‘open source'. This means they are made for hobbyist who play and dig around the hardware and software to have a better understanding of the machine. In the process, they will conduct modifications that suit their needs.
With the array of 3D printers in the market, purchasing one can be intimidating as well as confusing. However, i hope with the above tips, your search for the perfect 3D printer has been made easier.