General question: Best method for Wheelchair backup camera

micheal_wolfe wrote 01/23/2020 at 15:23 0 points

I am working on a backup camera for my nephew who is wheelchair bound. 

I have tried several avenues and each has drawbacks:
- Endoscope - I can't seem to find any that plugs directly into an iPhone (Android no problem, but he currently has iPhone)

- Raspberry PI TFT over GPIO - Having issues getting the image on to the TFT (using Adafruit's camera drivers)

- Raspberry PI TFT over HDMI - (on order)

- Raspberry PI with iPhone - Bluetooth has low bandwidth (but is a possibility) and WiFi requires some logistical juggling to deal with being available both on network and when mobile.   (I started with Nils Pickert's project "Rear view camera for electric wheelchair", but went to a python streaming solution for less delay)

I am really just looking for ideas.  I think I am too close to this.  It just needs to be mobile, low(ish) power, and would be nice if it could work with the iPhone without isolating it from the local WiFi.

Thank you for any comments.