100V PWM Help needed

Ivan Stamenkovic wrote 02/24/2020 at 01:57 0 points

Hello guys, I am kind of looking for help. I am in the middle of building DIY Mini CNC, and I have that generic 500W spindle from aliexpress and it came with power supply. It is a ~100V ~6A PWM power supply with a pot to adjust duty cycle. 

But I connected on/off wires directly to arduino and it fried both power supply and arduino(I now know that I should isolate that with a relay or optocoupler). I don't have much knowledge in electronics but I think it's a 12V voltage regulator that went bad but I am not sure and it's all SMD.

I wanted to ask you guys for any instructions or guides and maybe what components I might need to build a new one. I have a bunch of components laying around and I can source mostly locally. But buying a new power supply would take more then 2 week because of corona and I can't find it locally.

I tried looking for circuits online but none matched what I need :(

EDIT: This is the powersupply I am trying to re-create. https://bit.ly/32vQbQt