The .Stack is a waste of time

Florian Festi wrote 03/12/2020 at 13:28 3 points

Let me start with that I really like the .Stack. I like the anything goes attitude. I like that there is no structure and not one tells anyone what to put there.

But every second post is a newbie asking a poor question and getting no or only poor answers - mine included. To be clear: I don't blame those newbies. They just don't know better. And while we should teach them I can't really bring myself to do that most of the time. 

So what about adding a short link on how to ask good questions? A quick search on site reveals this article: with a link to the classic from Eric S. Raymond ( which is great but a bit dated and may be too heavy.

I also found this project log that deals with this issue very well - although it is meant for its own project only: We surely can come up with something along these lines and a few lines more on how to briefly but properly describe the project in question.

So in the end I don't mind wasting by time but I mind all those wasted opportunities.