Other Projects: My Bicycle

Thornhill!Thornhill! wrote 05/03/2020 at 04:18 • 3 min read • Like
A picture of my old green bike, resting on a light brown stone wall. The bicycle features an old black lamp on the front that I converted to use LEDs, and a rear rack.

My bicycle is an old 1960's Hercules and it's beautiful. It's beautiful despite the gear hub that clunks with every rotation… the bits of rust… or the fact that the back wheel is 2 inches larger than the front wheel and will rub against the fender when I go over a bump.

It's beautiful and it's mine and when I ride it I feel like I'm flying. 

So here's a few of my projects related to my bicycle!

Smart rear lamp

A solid decade ago, I converted the front lamp to run off an LED, but I've still been using a modern-ish clip light on for the rear lamp. It works ok, but it's a bit of hassle having to take it on & off… plus it could be… cooler?

I decided to convert an old lamp off of eBay to use NeoPixels, run off of a rechargeable battery, and contain an accelerometer to detect braking (because of course!).

CAD model of the rear lamp with new components, the switch housing, and a mock up of the rear bicycle rack it all fits on.
Testing the constructed lamp by running in a grassy field. The lamp is on and glows red. It is attached to the bicycle's black rear rack, although the rack isn't attached to the bike. Red LEDs glow through the black switch housing, illuminating the words 'ON', 'OFF', and 'M'.