Finding webservers in local network

Gabriel D'Espindula wrote 06/02/2020 at 18:42 0 points

Hi folks. I did quite a few project where a webserver is created to host a page, like using the esp webserver or octoprint and something that bother me is when I need to find the IP of those things. It's not complicated, but if I take my project to someone else's house and just wanna make it run sucks to find the IP. mDNS still not fully compatible so I did a simple page to find the IP of those webservers, and I can use from my phone. Now is running here:
For me works, but I'll be very glad if someone that has a little project on serving a page could just let me know it if works as well.

I'll add a list of common modem configurations for those without mask and gateway and perhaps a simple library to add a standard response to create a better list of devices... But for now I just deployed the basic crawler. Glad if someone could test it :)