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Additional Resources

Arduino Open Source Hardware Platform

Arduino is an open source hardware platform for making interactive objects that can sense and control the physical world. Since 2005, a worldwide community of "makers" has flocked to this open source platform and Atmel microcontrollers have been there from the beginning, providing simple but powerful MCUs as the "hardware" in the platform. Artists, designers, inventors, engineers, musicians and even school children can use Arduino boards designed around Atmel® AVR® or Atmel ǀ SMART ARM®-based MCUs to turn their ideas into working reality.

Atmel® AVR® MCUs

With a unique combination of performance, power efficiency and design flexibility, Atmel®'s 8- and 32-bit AVR® MCUs deliver ease-of-use, low-power consumption and extremely high-levels of integration. Atmel's AVR MCUs complement the Atmel®|Smart portfolio of MCUs and MPUs, and are optimized to help designers bring their products faster to market. AVR MCUs offer the industry's most code-efficient architecture for C and assembly programming along with more computing performance and better power efficiency.

Atmel®│SMART ARM®-based MCUs

Atmel® | SMART ARM®-based products deliver the platform for intelligent, connected devices in the era of IoT, wireless and energy efficiency. These solutions include embedded processing and connectivity—as well as software and tools, designed to make development faster and more cost-effective to bring the best-in-class products to market. Atmel | SMART MCUs combine powerful 32-bit ARM cores with industry-leading low-power technology and intelligent peripherals.

Atmel® Wireless Solutions

Atmel® offers a family of low power Systems-On-Chip (SoC) bringing Wi-Fi connectivity to any embedded design. Whether they take the form of a SoC or a certified module, Atmel Wi-Fi solutions offer the ideal solutions for embedded designers seeking to integrate Wi-Fi connectivity in their system. This opens the door of the Internet of Things to the vast array of battery powered devices and applications requiring the integration of WLAN connectivity without compromising on cost and power consumption.

Ecosystem Made Easy

Atmel provides a unique integrated development platform that offers advanced features, an extensive software ecosystem, and powerful debug integration all for free. Plus, all our products run in the same software ecosystem, so there's no need to switch between different IDEs when using Atmel solutions. From the project examples in the Atmel Studio 6 IDE to our easy-to-use evaluation kits, you'll have the resources you need to move quickly from prototype to production.