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Hi friends,we all know that the most important thing in any circuit is controllers or Integrated Circuits (IC’s). There are two types of it, Microcontroller and Microprocessors which I hope all of you know. All IC’s are built up in certain specified and certified dimensions which are accepted world-wide. These certified and specific dimensions are called PACKAGES. The most common out of all packages is the DIP-package, which is available for very common IC’s like 555, LM365, LM398, L293D, LM298, ATMEGA328P, ATMEGA8, etc. and many more. But there are some IC’s which are available only in Surface Mount Packages or SMD packages like QFN, SOP, TSOP, LQFP, TQFP, SOIC, etc. and many more but today we are here to discuss about some IC’s which are only available in SMD packages and not DIP for these type of the IC’s NEXT PCB provides a SMD to DIP converter PCB which can be easily used for prototyping or for BREADBOARD testing which is most important thing while making a project and you don’t know complete idea about its circuit. Like we all have used and familiar with Arduino Boards, the IC’s used in it is ATMEGA328P-PU please read carefully the complete IC name but Arduino nano has ATMEGA328P-AU the difference between these two is not very big but no so small also because UNO(Atmega328p-pu) has 6 Analog Pins whereas NANO(Atmega328p-au) has 8 Analog Pins also IC’s like FT232RL,CH340G, ATMEGA16U2, ATMEGA32U2 are some of the useful IC but these are not available in DIP package hence we cannot test them on Breadboard. So NextPCB has given a solution to it by providing SMD to DIP Converter Packages PCB which are provided as open source. Here they have used an ATMEGA328P-AU IC and attached a reset button to it on the PCB rest all the pins are available of the dip outputs, along with XI, XO RESET(Pull-up) so that we can program them by using any USB to TTL programmer like FT232RL. Designing a PCB is fun but when after coming of them we see some error in our schematics we get frustrated so, according to me this is the best solution for these types of IC’s and we should really make use of it. Ordering PCB online in various sites are a step towards developing our own circuit. NextPCB provides very easy😎 and fast delivery🚚 of PCB in different masks and paste with professional look. Also, they send you the picture of your PCB before shipping it to you, Now that very exciting…😃😃👍. #arduino #arduinouno #arduinoproject #arduinomega #arduinonano #arduino duo