E-ink Laptop!

Marco wrote 07/11/2020 at 20:14 0 points

So i have a dasung paperlike monitor that connects via usb only to a laptop, then i need to install driver and it will work as an external e-ink monitor.
I also have another dasung monitor model that connects via USB + HDMI, and need no driver. It work plug and play.
I need to replace my laptop lcd with this e-ink panel, and all the logic board that come with it. There is no space or size problem, sinze the E-ink + Board fit perfectly into the top chassis of the laptop, since it is very slim! 
The problem I am facing is that normally, to make it work, I need to connect the USB + HDMI cable from the e-ink display to the laptop, and that is not really good if I want to fix the E-ink display internally to the laptop chassis, replacing the lcd!

1) How can I do an internal connection between the laptop and the eink module and board, and make it work like the internal lcd monitor, without having the USB + HDMI cable outside?
2) Can I integrate the board with the laptop and make it work, or can i attach the usb + hdmi cables from the eink to the laptop in another way, or using some other systems?

I have here a link to the Dasung Paperlike teardown where you can see the internals.[Dasung Paperlike Teardown](https://kevzettler.com/2018/02/11/dasung-paperlike-pro-teardown/)
What other ways you suggest to make a diy E-Ink laptop?
The final result would be to make the eink work as its working right now as external monitor, but having it at the place instead of the lcd, and without any external cable or issue. This would be very easy for manufacturers, but sensitive people to led backlight and pwm like me, still a niche, and they dont care. I have to make it myself.